Passion, precision and skill

I'm a Finnish designer who provides fresh and modern design for a wide array of digital and traditional applications. Currently I'm working at Taiste as a UX Designer. I've also worked at Eficode, Nitro, Nitro ID and DDB Helsinki in a wide array of different roles from Art Director to UX Designer. I currently live in Helsinki but I'll gladly take freelance projects around the globe.

I believe that in today's world a designer must master a wide array of skills. I have a ton of experience in web, mobile and print design, but I'm also a passionate illustrator and photographer.

What do I do?

My services include web and mobile app design, illustrations, brand identities and photography. I handle all the essential design programs like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InVision, Axure and I also have the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript coding. I handle modern design practices and I also have experience on doing usability testings.

I've done design work for a wide variety of clients from international corporations like Volvo, McDonald's, Finnair Cargo and G4S to tiny local companies and associations. It's a great strength because it has made me a versatile designer and I can always make my style fit each customer's needs.

Let's create something great together!